Transportation-Transition January 3, 2002
Thursday January 3, 2002 22:42:13

The day has finally arrived. After months of indignity and patient toleration, Isaiah's old car seat has finally been replaced with a big boy car seat in our van!

He has for months had big boy style car seats in Grandma Joanne's P T Cruiser and Nanie and Dimmy's (that's what he calls Grandma and Grandpa Denby) white Malibu, but he has had to suffer the shame of a plain old little kid's type of car seat in our van.

These things are graded according mainly to weight and he'd been in the overlap region for a while. When it started getting cold here recently, though, it began to be somewhat cumbersome to get the fold-over restraint to go over the top of the hood of his coat or over his knit hat without flipping the rolled up brim over his eyes which invariably caused vociferous expressions of dismay and lack of patience with the speed of my rectification of the situation.

Now, however, those days are over. Not only need he no longer suffer such ignominy as brim-flip blindness, he also now is free from the monotonous chore of actually holding his sippy-cup since his new seat is equipped with his very own cup holder!

The big guy is riding in style!

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