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Tue Jun 15 08:36:31 CDT 1999

I am a 30 year old Caucasian male. I live in the heart of the American Mid-West about 30 miles from St. Louis, Missouri. I have been married since July 19, 1997. I have a son, Isaiah Malachi Waggener, who was born on March 22, 1999. He is still a small baby and nothing delights me like he does.

I don't take myself too seriously. I never have. I can be serious if I'm at a funeral or something, but it isn't my natural state. I find life is much more rewarding when I can laugh at myself, and since everybody around me usually is anyway, I can steal their thunder by beating them to the punch. If you read very much of what I write here, you will find a wry, sardonic wit. I am causticly sarcastic, but rarely in a fashion that could be called anything other than good-natured. Paradoxical , you say? Good-naturedly caustic sarcasm? I suppose developmental years spent watching such insult-intensive members of the Pantheon of 70s television as "All in the Family" and "Sanford & Son" coupled with my happy-go-lucky friendliness have combined to produce an unusual personality. Or maybe I'm just a little strange. You wouldn't be the first to think so.
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