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Tue Jun 15 08:36:31 CDT 1999

These pages represent an ongoing struggle on my part. I know I can write well when I need to or usually when I want to, but I also know that, like anything else, improvement requires practice. This practice requires time and energy and is therefore difficult for me to get.

If it were not for my strong desire to analyze and record my life, it would be easy just to forget about trying to create a website of this nature, but I want to have a way to mark and remember my days. I also want to have something for my son to read in the future to be able to better understand me and what my life was like.

I have begun a similar project many times in the past. Frequently I almost reached the point where it became a habit that was as natural as reading for a few minutes before going to bed, but somehow I never was able to stick with it long enough to make it a part of my life. It now has become my goal and a priority to do so- whether anyone else reads it or not.

Please feel free to use the "Comments" link to send me email about this project. I would like to hear what you have to say. However, please re-read the paragraphs above to understand why I am doing this and then realize that although your comments are welcome, I am not interested in making anyone happy with this project but myself.
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