The Day 6 Stretch

January 6th, 2006

Here I am at the sixth day in a row of daily posting.

That’s super– what’s not so super is that this post is not going to be very impressive. Oh, well nobody can be stellar 100% of the time, eh? “No, Roger, they can’t,” I hear you say to the screen, “and we’re still waiting for your first evidence of stellar-ness…”

Our network was still out today. Everything is working alright, but the restore of the massive partition that contains just about everything anybody is working on is taking far longer than anybody expected. Not meaning to taunt my buddy Neil, but I spent another day doing not much of anything. Disappointingly, I don’t even remember learning anything as important as that tidbit about Eddie Arnold I mentioned yesterday. In fact, as I try to recall any specific websites I looked at today my memory seems to be one blurry haze. Wait– that’s not true– I was on a drawing/visual art kick today. A couple of the things I looked at were Drawn and Visual Thinking Art.

All that stuff inspired me to by a sketchbook tonight. My plan is to start carrying it around with me wherever I go and when an idea hits me, work on sketching it. When my mind is idle and I have time to fill- I can work on drawing. It’ll probly be almost all crap, but with some practice maybe I’ll get good enough to not only enjoy doing it, but appreciate what I produce. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll try to sketch something everyday like my buddy Ken has been doing. We’ll Ken hasn’t been so much daily lately, but I’m sure he’ll get back to it soon. Won’t you Ken? ;)

Last night Isaiah had mashed potatoes for dinner. Since he had barfed the night before, Ruth felt he should take it easy and her folks had brought by a large side of mashed from KFC. She made pancakes for the rest of us, but man, those mashed potatoes looked good. So good, in fact, I had to make sure they were OK before I gave’em to Isaiah. Despite his indignant shouts, the results of my first test were indeterminate and I had to analyze a second sample. I was just about to further refine my testing procedures to assure my data was accurate when Ruth chided me for eating the boy’s supper. I gave him his food, but I determined to get me some of those mashed potatoes for lunch today.

And so I did. I guess my life is pretty dull when the high point of my day revolves around mashed potatoes. This, I am sure, will come as no surprise to long time readers.

I did do something new but probably uninteresting to most today. I produced my first issue of the bulletin for the church of which I am a member. To do this I used Microsoft Publisher since it’s what the preacher uses to create the sermon outlines he puts on the back page of the bulletin. There’s only one thing that keeps Publisher from being just the cat’s pyjamas– it’s not 1992 anymore. It’ll get the job done, but it takes about two minutes to realize it’s not only a dinosaur, but it’s a dinosaur dog. On the other hand maybe it’s just me expecting a “desktop publishing” program to be able to do things like adjust line-height separately from font size. Well, either way it’s done. While I was adding this week’s announcements and news, I freshened the look a bit and I’m pleased with how it turned out. Hopefully everybody else will like it too. I also wrote my first bulletin article. I have produced and presented in the past devotionals and sermons in lengths ranging from five to forty-five minutes, but I’ve never written a bulletin article before. There’s a kind of different feel to them. They are small, light nuggets that despite their easily consumable bite-sized format should give the reader something useful to think about.

And so there we go. Post #6 for 2006 is in the can. Not very exciting, but hey I came up with 4055 words. I think that’s pretty good considering the raw material I had to work with.