- Privacy Policy

Introduction is firmly committed to promoting and preserving the privacy of users of the site. The following statement documents exactly who information is collected from, what information is collected, why it is collected, and how it can be used.

Who is this information collected from?

All personally identifiable information collected by is provided voluntarily by users of the site. Users of the site fall into three categories- users, registered users, and forum members. A user is anyone who views the site. A registered user is anyone who has submitted personally identifiable information to the site. A forum member is a user who has created an account on RLW::RRF the Regular Reader's Forum.

What information is collected?

A variety of types of personally identifiable user information may be collected from users of this site for a number of purposes. This information will be in one of six types- NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, URL, USERNAME, PASSWORD, or COOKIES. NAME is considered to be a user's actual legal name and users are encouraged to comply with this definition though a nickname sufficiently indicative of the user's true identity is acceptable. EMAIL ADDRESS must be a valid email address owned by the user providing it. URL is the Internet address of a website or online resource belonging to the user. USERNAME is a nickname of a user's choosing though a user's actual legal name can also be used. PASSWORD is an alphanumeric character string chosen solely at the user's discretion. COOKIES are brief data strings sent to and stored on a user's browser whenever the user makes or changes a customizable site configuiration setting or when a new user registers on the site.

Why is this information collected?

All personally identifiable user information is collected for one of three reasons. The primary reason this information is collected is to associate 'comments' posted on individual items and posts to the forum with indvidual users. The second reason this information is collected is to provide enhanced functionality and usability of the site by allowing users to save identity information and selectable configuration settings in COOKIES written to their browsers. The third reason this information is collected is to provide a direct avenue of communication between and users of the site.

How will this information be used?

All personally identifiable user information will be used in one of two ways. The primary way in which this information will be used is to enhance functionality and usability of the site, that is, to allow users to interact with the site and to configure their experience of the site as they see fit. The second way in which the information will be used is to allow to identify and communicate individually with users. Any information collected by will be used for one of the two reasons outlined above and no other. reserves the right to share personally identifiable user information with registered users of the site but only with the explicit permission of the user whose information is requested. When a request for another user's information is made by a registered user of the site, the user whose information has been requested will be contacted before any information will be released. If the user whose information has been requested does not approve the release of their information, the information will not be released. will never give, rent, sell, or make available any personally identifiable user information to any third parties or entities not directly affiliated with