Gideon & stuff

January 4th, 2006

Recently Gideon has come around the bend on talking. For a while I had been wondering when he was going to start talking. It seemed like he didn’t talk as much as Isaiah had at the same age. He just didn’t seem very vocally inclined.

This, of course, is no longer the case. He now not only is vocally inclined, but he seems no less precocious than I would have expected my son to be. He’s just under thirteen months old and he knows all the primary and secondary colors, can identify most of the animals he sees and he almost always knows where he is when we are traveling around in the van. “Going to Nanie’s house!” he’ll shout when we approach the subdivision Ruth’s mother lives in.

When Isaiah was two-ish he had a small stuffed skunk called (unsurprisingly) Skunk which rode just about everywhere with us in the van. Gideon has a small blue bear with a ball cap and baseball he calls BearBear. BearBear, as Skunk did, goes just about everywhere with us and usually goes inside. Gideon also almost always sleeps with BearBear. In fact, when we went upstairs for bed a while ago, Gideon had left BB downstairs and when I put him in his crib Gideon, despite the fact that he was surrounded by a menagerie of stuffed animals and was clutching Skunk himself which he’d found in Isaiah’s room I had to promise to bring BB up from the family room to get Gideon to lay down.

I had a hard time getting up this morning.

About three am today I was awakened when I heard a gravelly voice calling out. Ruth woke a second later and as she climbed over me and out of bed I realized it was Isaiah shouting weakly “Mo-om… I horked!”

It was a massive work of parental conscience, but I also drug my balking carcass out of bed by force of will as Ruth switched on Isaiah’s light. Sure enough, what had to be almost all of his supper was right there– all over him and his bed. I went in his room to offer what support I could. Ruth told me to run a warm bath for Isaiah which I gladly did.

I put in plenty of bubble bath and helped Isaiah into the tub. He seemed to be feeling much better by that time. I was sitting by the tub dozing while he scrubbed himself. When I woke up I helped him dry off, get his jammies on, and get in bed. Ruth had changed his bedding.

I was asleep almost instantly when I got in bed, but morning still came too soon and getting up was almost physically painful.

Isaiah slept in till nine-thirty and had fun playing on his day home from school.