About Roger


I am the almost 40 years old husband and father of three.

I have been married to Ruth for ten years and we have two boys, eight year old Isaiah, Gideon who is 3, and one daughter, lovely three month old Elsie Rose. We also have an indoor dog, Kroger, and indoor cat, Nijal, and several back porch cats who sometimes invite over a groundhog or a racoon or two.

Despite the fact that I stand at the threshold of my fifth decade of life, I have as yet failed to grasp the full nature of being an adult. I mean I get up every day and go to work, and I make car payments and house payments, and actively parent my kids and generally try to give the outward appearance of the appropriate level of maturity, but I don’t really feel like a grown-up adult man.

This may be due to my own self image. I don’t really think of myself as an adult. I have grown up things to do and stuff I have to take care of. I sometimes have to undertake tasks, not only dreary but highly onerous and do so, but in my mind I am just the same me of indeterminate age I have always been.

I suppose, being the kind of person that would prefer to watch an Abbot and Costello movie to discussing world politics may have something to do with that. Much of the stuff I found uninteresting as a kid has engendered little interest to me over the years while a lot of the stuff I thought fascinating as a boy still captivates some degree of my imagination. Sure my tastes and desires have changed in many ways, but overall my mind is much like it was when I was eleven or twelve years old minus (hopefully) most of the unrealistic expectations and childish confusions of youth.

I wrote a previous ‘about the author’ page some six eight-ish years ago. Most of the information presented therein is still accurate, though Isaiah is no longer a baby. You can also read one that isn’t as old as the one above if you care too.

[Written September 15, 2007 at 8:04 pm]