Sick Day Part-B October, 13 1999
Wednesday October 13, 1999 10:38:22 PM

Our trip to the park this afternoon was marvelous. Kroger had not been to the park in a long time and was delighted to have so many different things to smell- she didn't even bark at anyone! Isaiah had a good time too. He just rode a long in his ATS (All Terrain Stroller- so called because of the bigger off-road style wheels it has, they are much easier to roll on the grass), but he was looking around with bright, happy eyes the whole time. I'll have to start getting to work early so I can leave in time for us to spend a little while at the park far more often.

Before we could leave, however, we had to attend to some important business. We had to put Isaiah's new car seat in the Ciera. He has outgrown the one he came home from the hospital in. The new one is the kind in which he sits up instead of laying down. I suppose the next milestone in this regard will occur when we have to turn it around so that he is facing forward. I am glad I don't have to travel anymore. Isaiah's little life seems to be passing by so quickly...

Oh, and while I'm on one of my favorite topics, the Boy has a TOOTH. Actually only the top of it is showing above the gumline, but my fingers can sure tell you it is there... and it's sharp.

In response to the accusation that I have, in the recent past, waxed feeble in my diligence to TOV, I accede guilt and offer in resititution a page that, although not offering much textual details of the events covered (it was a long time ago and I don't have time to do justice to everything in my life here), there can be found on this page more than a Megabyte of multimedia entertainments. Please, check it out and enjoy all you have time to download!

You can never get enough fresh air!

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