Sick Day Part-A October, 13 1999
Wednesday October 13, 1999 4:26:35 PM

I stayed home from work today. I am very fortunate to be employed in a workplace where, although I just make almost enough money (yeah, me and everybody else in the world, right?), the atmosphere is very relaxed an accomodating.

The temptation to take the day off was planted in my mind last night at about 11:30 pm, when I was still not done putting a new starter on the Ciera (I'll spare you the details- lucky you!). As I got out of the shower at 1:30 am, I had pretty much decided to call off today. There ios definately something to be said for occaisionally sleeping in till 11:00 am on a weekday. However, Ruth and Isaiah have gone to the airport with Aunt to get Aunt's friend Wilma who is coming home from a visit with relatives in California. So as I sit here inside (just like I would have been at work) the only real benefit (aside from extra relaxation) is the chance to catch up on my writing.

Realtime Update: Ruth and Isaiah have just returned. I think I'll capitalize on my home-time with a trip for all of us (including Kroger!) to go to the park!

I'll continue this page later

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