Februrary 26, 2002 Stitches!
Tuesday February 26, 2002 22:37:14

This afternoon while I was chatting with Ruth on AIM from work (note: I only do this very rarely- twice a year at most, and then only for a few minutes, honest, Boss) when she typed:

Ruth: Isaiah just tripped on a toy and cut his head
Roger: Is he OK?
Ruth: It's not very long, but it's deep. Aunt is here and she's
      going to take us to the hospital to get it checked out

Roger: OK, Let me know how things go as soon as you find out

Later I got a call from her folks house. Isaiah now has three (3) stitches above his left eye. I haven't yet seen the stitches because he has been sleeping most of the evening and grumpy and clingy (to Mommy almost exclusively) and I didn't want to upset him too much about it. I also didn't want to remove his cool dinosaur band-aid since it probably wouldn't re-stick and he thinks it's neat.

I realize that this is probably the beginning of a long line of similar incidents. Abrasions, contusions, fractures... It was only yesterday that Ruth had taken him to the pediatrician to be diagnosed with his first ear infection. Let me tell you, it was a hard fought battle last night getting all the medicines down his throat. The second was the toughest, I think. He wasn't sure how bad it would be with the first one, although he had begun fighting the moment he heard the "m" word, but he knew what was up for the second. When it was time for the third, his endurance was beginning to flag and it wasn't much easier, but it took less time to force the dropper between his gritted teeth and squirt the medicine down his screaming throat.

He fought us again tonight, but not nearly as hard. He likes the taste of at least one of the three, but he isn't about to let us think that when it's time to take it. His adventure today has taken some of the wind out of his sails, too.

Lately he has been playing a new game with us, really milking his medical debilitation.

"It's time for bed, Isaiah."

"I can't go to bed, I'm sick."

"You are fine and it IS time for bed."

"No, I have a fever, I have to stay up."

"Oh, well, if you have a fever, let's get you some medecine right now!"

"I feel better, I don't have a fever anymore."

"That's good, but it's still bed time."

"I have an ear infection..."

Ah, well, hopefully his latest medical encounter will have taught him to slow down and take it easy. Maybe he'll tone down the running crazy through the house at top speed waggling his head and shouting like a maniac.

Kids learn from stuff like that, right? ;-)

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