January 2nd, 2006

The second day of this year turned out to be surprisingly good with not only a lot of nice relaxing, but some accomplishments too!

It all started about 9:30 am when Gideon woke us up calling out “Mo-om… Mommy… Get out!” (meaning he wanted Ruth to come get him out of his crib) but didn’t really get rolling till about 10 when after reading some of the Get Fuzzy book Ruth had got me for xmas, I finally drug my carcass out of bed and took a shower.

By the time I got downstairs, Ruth was working on the brunch she’d mentioned planning the night before. Bacon, potatoes, eggs, and cinnamon rolls added up to more than even I could fully dispatch. You know when there’s bacon left over that it’s been quite a meal– at least when I’m around.

After brunch– more comics. Calvin and Hobbes to be exact. More xmas. I read while the boys played and Ruth watched the end of the Rose Parade. Of course, I wasn’t just sitting there reading comics. I was also chatting with some pals on AOL Instant Messenger and surfing the web a bit, checking a few vital pages.

Eventually, we got our coats on and got in the van to drop a couple of things off at Ruth’s Aunt Ruth’s house and at Ruth’s folk’s house. On the way back from those errands, we dropped books in the return drawer of the closed library and after that a visit to Lowe’s. At Lowe’s we picked up a super-cheap shower head and a towel rack for the downstairs bathroom.

Gideon was sleepy and cranky when we got home and Isaiah’s behavior at Lowe’s had been good enough to earn him a trip upstairs to rest a while himself. Taking advantage of this extended period of peace, I wrapped up a library book due tomorrow with a snack pop and a pretzel while Ruth entertained herself cutting out coupons.

Eventually both boys were back downstairs and Gideon played while Isaiah worked on book reports for school. I put up the towel rack for Ruth which looks pretty good on the wall. There was some dispute as to whether it should go on the wall under the window or on beside the sink. It was eventually concluded that by the sink was the best location and that is where you can find it now.

The boys and I have a early evening tradition we’ve been enjoying for a couple months or so now. Every weeknight at 6 pm Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends comes on Cartoon Network and we all watch it together. It’s one of the few times Gideon will sit still on my lap for more than three seconds straight.

After Foster’s I (surprise) read some more comics and surfed the web a bit more while the boys played and Ruth whomped us up some vittles for supper. While we ate we watched the middle part of National Treasure. Ruth and I had watched it a few weeks ago and decided it was OK and that Isaiah would like it since he is fascinated with treasure hunting, and mysterious clues. But before it was over, it was bedtime for the boys.

After a story, a chapter of the book of Luke, and a prayer, the boys were in bed and I concluded the second major accomploshment of the day which was removing the matress and box springs from our bed and tightening some bolts in the under-structure to defeat some ominous creaks it had been giving recently.

And now here I am recounting this breath-taking tale of my exciting modern life.

It was a relaxed, enjoyable day in which I actually got something done– in short the perfect vacation day. I feel so good I don’t even mind going back to work tomorrow. Well, not too much, anyway.