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17: Meta
18: Eagles!
19: Ducks
20: Politics
21: The condor (my arms itch)
24: Ferret-Breath

26: Spring is here!

17: Vacation- Day 1
19: Vacation- Days 2 and 3
22: Vacation- Day 4
23: Vacation- Days 5 and 6

15: Frodo and I
30: The Dawn of Autumn

02: Heritage Days
04: Crawford Day
06: First Heat
09: Don't Lick My Submarine!

30: TGD 2K+1

1: IceBreaker


Are not our lives too short for that full utterance which through all our stammerings is, of course, our only and abiding intention? I have given up expecting those last words whose ring, if they could only be pronounced,would shake both heaven and earth. There is never time to say our last word- the last word of our love, of our desire, faith, remorse, submission, revolt.

Joseph Conrad
Lord Jim

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