June 28, 1999 Seriously Monday

Monday, June 28, 1999 - 07:33:44 AM

Well, I got to work right on time this morning: seven a.m. on the dot. I came into the building, sat down at my workstation (filled my desk drawer with bags of microwave popcorn that will be lunch this week), looked at my monitor and discovered that, my workstation was dead. This wasn't surprising since power in the building had been cycled over the weekend for load analysis, but when I hit the power switch and it was still dead- I was surprised.

So I turned on my radio and discovered that there was no power to the outlets in my cube. This was the first Mondification, the second was discovered almost simultaneously. For some reason, I had taken my headphones home Friday where they remain as I type. That was Mondification number two and I found it far more distressing that I couldn't listen to the radio than that I couldn't start my computer to go to work. I contacted systems personnel who discovered the breaker thrown and quickly remedied the situation.

After power was reapplied to my cube and my computer booted, however, I could not get a command prompt. This was the third Mondification. Again, the fourth was discovered almost simultaneously. "Well," I figured, "I see someone else with the same problem reporting it already, so I'll go fill my big mug with cold water and loaf around a few minutes till the network gets fixed."

Guess where my big mug is.
I'll give you a hint: Remember the headphones?

My computer I can do without; I don't mind loafing around or even using a different one if I have to. My headphones are sorely missed, but I can survive their absence. The loss of my big mug, however, is a hard, heavy hit. Not only is it a source of cool, clear water (which today I'll have to face the barren waste without a taste of), but fetching that water is a trip to the far corner of the building through the rat-maze of numerous breeze-shooting targets. A trip to the water cooler provides not only water but a chance for social interaction and time passage.

Now my computer is functional, so eventually I'll have to actually go to work. Unfortunately, I'll have to grind away all day without the little amenities that make it so much more bearable. Did I mention it's very dark outside and the torrents will surely begin any second?

Today is seriously Monday.
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