The Week of 3 Monks and a Viper September 8, 2000
Friday September 8, 2000 11:45:22 pm

Tuesday on the way in to work, I saw three Bhuddist monks walking down a busy metropolitan street in the midwest United States.

I found it interesting to contemplate this image. I wonder with what success rate the orange-robed pilgrims held out their food bowls.

I wonder if they even practice the tradition of relying on the contributions of those they meet for sustenance. This might lead to the rather quick loss of weigth in the area they were traveling.

I wonder what business a trio of monks would have in a semi-commercial suburbian area of St. Louis, Mo.

On the other hand, I suppose I wonder why it is out of the ordinary to see three Bhuddist monks walking down the street.

It is intriguing to note that in one moment, sizzling down the road in the middle of the USA I saw more monks than I did in both my trips to China combined...

Oh, yeah, the Viper was spotted pulling out of a car dealership not far from where I saw the monks.

From the height of asceticism to the height of consumerism...

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