September 30, 1999 Knockout!
Thursday September 30, 1999 11:32:45 PM

The title of this edition was inspired by the instantaneous and unexpected urge to "Knock Out" a short TOV that hit me as I was fixing to go to bed. Why don't I do this more often? I suppose I feel a desire to lift myself above the run-of-the mill "Web Diary" or "On Line Journal" (I despise both terms and defy such categorization! but that's just me being contrary more than anything else...) by attempting to perpetuate a sort of formality to the thing. Of course, I feel free to let my real voice be heard here (hence the title) but up to now I have balked at just pitching out a short blather about nothing.

Last Friday evening I bought the O'Rielly book "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide" and ordered "The Definitive Reference to Dynamic HTML" (which I picked up tonight) from the same folks. So look forward to a more interesting TOV in the future. Of course, the new flashy whiz-bang will have no detrimental effects on the continuation of the typical "quality content".

I had a pretty good day at work today, I just felt good for some reason. Probably because autumn is upon us and the weather is turning cool. I like this kind of weather- not too cold, but you need a jacket. My work was going well today, too. My current project is the conversion of a model of a C-17 from the proprietary format of another company into our own format. We are converting models for the Air Force. They have a large collection of databases for older simulators from a different company that they want us to convert to be used on our systems.

This particular model will be a challenge to since it will require me to learn how to include articulated parts- the cargo ramp and door must open and close, and the landing gear must go up and down. I have long wondered how this was done and now I shall learn by doing.

Now, there's some of that "quality content"... Sometimes I get jealous of folks who have regular jobs. I mean even Mark, who manages a BlockBuster Video store has stories to tell about customers. What do I have to tell people about my day? "Well, I had an interesting thing happen today, let me tell you! You see, there was one model I was working on that was composed of different parts in separate files so that each file could be referenced into the over-all model to provide articulation. Well, when I read all the files together by simply using the VI editor to concatenate them all into the main file, converted the emr file to binary and opened it in MultiGen, all the parts to be articulated were centered at the origin of the tracking plane. Obviously, I had to translate them, but how could I know what terms to use? Well, luckily... Blah Blah Blah (see what I mean?)

Isaiah is fussy these days. He has a few teeth that are trying to machete their way to the light of day. When he opens his mouth, I can see that his front two bottom teeth are almost ready to come out. However, it continually amazes me how happy and good natured he is almost all of the time. he has his moments, of course, but he sure does seem to have far fewer than the average baby. We are proud, lucky, and blessed to have him.

...6...7...8...9...10!   Roger wins with a KO!

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