Friday July 7, 1999 Successful Somnolence
Friday July 07, 1999 - 11:31:18 PM

Instead of staying up way too late once again to knock out some killer copy, I'll procrastinate that task to another day (say Friday evning- stay tuned) and simply take advantage of this opportunity to give my self a hearty congratulation and a mighty pat on the back.

What, you say, is the big deal?

Tonight, for the first time in his short life, Isaiah's Daddy led the Boy from the stormy seas of cranky fusiness to a land of blissful sleep.

HUZZAH for Roger!

Finally, instead of saying "Wife," (yes, I actually refer to my wife as 'Wife' all the time) "he's cranky. Please put him to sleep- I can't do it like you can", I simply did my best to do what I saw her doing when previously I had required her assistance and success soon followed.

The proud father is proud of himself tonight

Technical note: As if one major accomplishment wasn't enough, dig the kickin' new pop-up script! You may not even notice the difference, but I am very pleased with myself. (Even if I did "acquire" the basis of it and tweak it to my own use) Previous pages will be retrofitted as time permits.

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