Tue Jun 15 07:52:05 CDT 1999

It is difficult to begin "just writing" on a regular basis after having not written anything in a long time. I'm sure any reader who has ever had something to write, on a regular basis or not, can identify with the frustrating experience of being full of exciting ideas to write about while mowing the yard or driving to work and then, when finally seated at a computer, typewriter, or for the Luddites- pen and paper, struggling in vain to recapture a single one of those ideas that doesn't seem unsuitable for actually writing about. Hopefully, those of you who are smiling or possibly nodding your heads at the above sentence will bear patiently with me as I take to the keyboard once more after a long hiatus.

In the time since my last regular writing excercise slowly wound down my first child Isaiah Malachi Waggener has been born and aged twelve weeks. I had hoped to record and explore my emotions and experiences of Isaiah's earliest days in writing, but I have unfortunately failed to do so. The only thing I can do to atone for this failure is to redouble my efforts and determination to begin writing regularly once again.

For the past few weeks I have been suffering from a kind of malaise that tends to ebb and flow depending on the events of the day. On good days I feel pretty good, almost my old happy-go-lucky self. On days when the celestial orb (whichever it may be) that controls the tide of this emotional pall draws close to the Earth and the malaise waxes great, I descend into a funk of ineffectiveness and slothfully negative emotion. Hopefully the program of mental excercise that I am undertaking with this project will help me break this cycle of emotional variability and regain my vitality and the unflappably even-keeled happiness that is my normal state.

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