Sunday June 29, 2003 11:53 PM

We had a pretty big day yesterday.

I was going to write along ITEM about it complete with pictures of the fascinating main feature of the day. Unfortunately, things turned out a little differently than I planned...

This afternoon when I was going to start work resizing the pictures and begin typing the account, I took a nap instead. I needed this nap greatly and remain unrepentant towards it. Thursday and Friday nights I'd been up till after 2 am writing ITEMs and like I said before, Saturday was a big day.

However, with my newfound return to frequent publication I thought it prudent to lay finger to key, for a few lines if naught more, simply to keep myself in practice. It is so very much easier to get out of the habit of writing daily than to get back into it. For a whole month now I've kept telling myself "(Yawn) I'm too tired to write tonight. I'll do it tomorrow at work." and despite the fact that I've had ample opportunity to do so without impacting my workplace productivity and without risk of repercussion of any kind, I have not done so.

I imagine only persons who have taken on the mantle of responsibility implied by committing to writing daily can really understand what I'm talking about. My dad and I were discussing this very point on our weekly Sunday telephone call this evening. For years I nagged, cajoled, and (mostly) good-naturedly pestered him to create a section on his website where he would publish something with regularity. For at least a year or so now, maybe two- maybe longer I don't exactly remember when he started, he has been publishing a new piece daily almost without fail. We talked about how sometimes it's a heavy chore, but in the long run the value outweighs the drudgery. I know this, as I told him, from both sides of the fence, so to speak. That is, as a daily writer, and as a writer who hasn't been daily for a long time.

With all these things in mind, I resolved to transcribe the account of yesterday's numerous events this night. I have not here done that and I'm not going to. In fact, I've spent more time on this incoherent ramble about not writing than I'd meant to. It's later than I want it to be and it was so before I even sat down here to write. I'm still tired despite my nap today and I need to go to bed.

I got a late start because instead of tucking Isaiah right into bed tonight after his story- a book, by the way, which is not only one read to me when I was his age, but the very book itself which was read to me back then- I climbed into his bed with him and spent the next 45 minutes, tickling, wrestling, joking around, and basically spending time with him in one of my favorite ways.

UHF is important to me, but I guess some things are just more important. I'll write about Saturday tomorrow.