Saturday April 12, 2003 12:46 PM

Today is the day!

We're flying to Arizona this evening to visit Grandpa Roger . In case you didn't guess, he's my father and we're going to be staying with him for a little over a week.

It is going to be a blast. We've already got a number of plans of things to do and places to go but we'll have plenty of time for just relaxing and hanging out together, I'm sure.

Dad and I share similar attitudes towards relaxation- it's not an option, it's a requirement. Doing things together is fun, but so is just being together and we'll be doing a lot of both.

Part of the reason we are going this week is because I want to see the Champlin Fighter Museum before it closes on Memorial Day. Another part is that Isaiah has spring break from pre-school next week so he won't miss any of the advanced academic subjects like shapes and colors that he studiously labors to grasp each Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9 to 11:30 am.

Isaiah is excited about flying- it'll be his first time. We've been discussing for weeks now how it'll be a little scary, but it'll also be extremely fun like blasting off in a rocketship! Nothing gets him on board like spaceships and robots so hopefully he won't get wigged out by the sound of the jets.

We've got a bunch of books packed (Green Eggs and Ham, You Will Go to the Moon- a super cool 60's era vintage kid's book we got at the friends of the library sale, Buzz Lightyear Vs. the Evil Tork), and some toys in his backpack along with snacks. The flight won't be that long, but it will be long enough that it will take more than one trick to keep him happy and un-bored. I plan on letting him sit by the window since there'll be enough sunlight left when we take off for him to see stuff as we take off.

We've got almost everything packed and squared away, but there are a few odds-and-ends-ish things that are left to be done before we can load up the van and head out for the airport chief among which is mowing the yard for the first time this year. It's and absolutely beautiful and perfect day here and I'm going to wind this up and address that task right now.

The next time you hear from me I will have crossed the US in the belly of the Great Sky Fish. And my lawn won't be scruffy anymore.