Friday February 28, 2003 08:39 PM

We have a houseful tonight: Nanie, Dimmy, Rupie, Mark & Missy, Ruth, Isaiah, Kroger and last but not least, Nijal. Tonight is the Spaghetti party Isaiah has been excited about all week. His excitement did not, however, prevent it from being a major chore to get him to eat all his spaghetti.

What? No, I didn't forget myself- I'm not there!

I'm standing here at a public terminal in the library branch at the mall, between a scruffy looking cat who I'm surprised can read who is checking his email and a portly old lady who looks like she ought to be at home watching The Wheel of Fortune instead of surfing the net, writing to you about how I consider it a major score to be able to sneak out of the full house for a while.

Well, I didn't actually sneak. Ruth forgot to bring a couple of videos we'd checked out for Isaiah back to the library today, so OF COURSE I had to bring them back after supper, right? I mean the fine on those things is a dollar a day and you can't recheck'em!

The sneaky part is that (don't tell anybody) I'm not in much of a hurry to rush home. I figure I'll check out the bookstores here at the mall and then take the lo-o-o-ong way home to listen to The Ska's the Limit on KDHX the local public radio station.

I know, I'm rotten. Ruth reminds me of that every day and I haven't argued with her yet. ; )