Tuesday January 28, 2003 12:36 AM
Bitter Frustration

It's two hours after I wanted to go to bed and about an hour and a half after I came to the grim conclusion that I was the victim of that bleak fate that makes all users of MovableType- both those who backup their data regularly and especially those like me who only think of such things after it's too late- shudder fearfully: database corruption.

Yes, faithful readers, things here are broken. Fortunately all the archives of RLW::UHF are safely, well, archived, but there has been a cataclysm of techtonic proportions and those archives are separated from the fresh, living RLW::UHF by a great chasm much like the one mentioned by Abraham separating Lazurus from the rich man. That is to say, although they are there, they are dead. The comments have evaporated, the internal links all point to the wrong places, and I have no idea how to re-incoporate them into the corpus of the living RLW::UHF.

Sad? It is, but I shall carry on. I had been contemplating a new look and this is a perfect chance. What you see now, I think, is temporary- reflecting the pall of gloom that pervades my thoughts.

There is a bright side, though. Things are not nearly as dissappointing as I had feared for a black moment- the gravest depths of my despair during the vain thrashing that has wasted so much of my time these past few days. I did not, as I feared for one sanity-crumbling second, delete the entire data directory from my server.

I hold slim hope of reuniting the sundered past from the ever changing present, but like a mad scientist in the dungeon of his gothic castle, deep into the dark of night, surrounded by a howling torrent of cold, tearing rain and deafened by the tumbling thunder knocked loose by grasping fingers of lightening, I will strive to find the hermetick secret that will join the dead to the living once more- to pour life back into an inanimate corpse of words. At the very least I'll write a shell script to fix all the internal links in the past archive so that it will be more easily browsable.

In the meantime RLW::UHF will continue unhindered by the minions of entropy, bowed but not broken and wiser for the trials endured.